Steve Wozniak Reversal on Blockchain, Joining Cryptocurrency Startup

Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak recently updated people about his current view points and upcoming plans in cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere at NullTx interview, this week.

The tech prodigy interest in Bitcoin spiked after acknowledging it’s potential of decentralized ledgers along with with the mystery of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, was also impressed with the finite supply limit of Bitcoin unlike the US dollar. While Steve Wozniak has been a Bitcoin supporter from the start, yet he had little faith on blockchain as a technology, even calling blockchain merely a bubble.

This again goes against the generic belief of Cryptocurrency being a bubble and blockchain being the future but Wozniak hadn’t budged from his viewpoint until recently.

This is, of course, contrary to the often repeated view that blockchain is useful technology but crypto is a fad or a bubble, but Wozniak didn’t budge on his views – until recently. Although he admitted that he didn’t quite comprehended the ins and outs of the blockchain at first. He did admit of not understanding the ins and outs of blockchain at first, which would speak something about the complexity of the technology as it posed some complexity to the famous inventor.

“At first I kept hearing [about blockchain], and I didn’t understand it. It’s not something you understand in a day. You think about it, read more about it and how it works, and then you see how people actually start to use it, through the mining process and also the verification and, aha! It all adds up!”, Wozniak stated, commenting on his earlier comprehension.

A couple of months ago, Wozniak had made comparison between Internet and Blockchain claiming that the hyped up and experimental state of Internet is similar to the blockchain which “was a bubble, and I feel that way about blockchain.”

He explicitly stated,“I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company. [It’s] called Equi… Our approach is not like a new currency, or something phony where an event will make it go up in value. It’s a share of stock, in a company.”

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