EO Obtains License For Use Of Fiat On Its Platform

EO, a four platform ecosystem from ExpertOption has obtained two licenses for its upcoming exchange and wallet. It is one of the first crypto companies to receive a license before the launching of its products. EO will develop and launch a crypto exchange and crypto wallet for both fiat and digital currencies and has received the Virtual Currency Exchange Service License (number FVR000193) and the Virtual Currency Wallet Service License (number FRK000161) before launching its crypto products.

Expert Opinion is a licensed broker with an award-winning platform and has esteemed partners like Google and Facebook. With EO, it plans to create a financial management hub with a seamless process where buying, storing, exchanging and trading on both fiat and cryptos is available. The company has over 100 employees in six different countries.

EO promises the fastest crypto exchange on the market with EO.Trade, crypto – fiat financial hub with EO.Finance, token-based accounts on ExpertOption.com and a brand new news portal for blockchain and trading updates named EO.News.

EO.Finance, will be an investor’s all-inclusive wallet for all financial transactions and is expected to be released in July of 2018 according to the roadmap. EO.Trade crypto is built to withstand the existing and future crypto market and will be launched in December of the same year. The EO coin will also allow lower transaction fees on EO.Finance and EO.Trade.

Regulation in the crypto world is increasing day by day as many new emerging crypto projects come every other day. Many existing and upcoming crypto projects are looking forward to receiving the crypto license, but there are also many exchanges and wallet providers which are operating without any licenses.

The EO ecosystem with its platforms plans on getting traditional online traders to make an easy leap into blockchain and crypto investors can utilize all their finances on the same platforms easily. The platforms will allow newcomers to crypto to buy tokens using fiat.

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