Nasdaq Exchange To Support Stellar, Litecoin and Bitcoin

NASDAQ, one of the world’s largest exchange plans to get involved in the digital currencies market. The exchange has hinted that it will support Stellar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) as initial assets on its decentralized exchange platform. 

Stellar, Litecoin and Bitcoin

Stellar (XLM)  is one of the first cryptocurrency to be backed by Nasdaq. This is because it primarily offers exclusive and revolutionary benefits in financial access and inclusion. It is one of the platforms that use the blockchain to make moving money fast and reliable. Because of this, the platform allows companies to perform the fastest and most accessible payment method for completing cross-border operations which is very useful for many industries. Stellar also provides specific benefits for micropayments by decreasing the cost and increasing the efficiency. According to the exchange, Stellar has the potential to grow by partnering with enterprises like IBM.

Litecoin (LTC) is another virtual currency selected by Nasdaq because of its faster speed, lower transaction costs, and simpler algorithm. The currency does not want to replace Bitcoin, but instead, complements it. It is an appealing crypto alternative to Bitcoin with faster transaction processing speed and can be used in multiple stores, websites and also be listed in an important number of virtual currency exchanges. 

Finally, Bitcoin (BTC) because of its substantial future potential and being a favorite virtual currency for everyone. But most importantly Nasdaq is looking forward to the Lightning Network (LN) that is soon coming to Bitcoin as it will allow users to open direct payment channels between one another on a global scale. The lightning developers believe that this new technology will help Bitcoin to scale up, and in turn, reduce transaction times and fees almost to zero. Additionally, the number of users is also expected to grow with this implementation as is also trying to add support to privacy functionalities.

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