Australian Government On Delivering Welfare Payments Using Blockchain

The Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) announces it plans to use blockchain technology to deliver welfare payments. The government had recently allocated USD 521,000 to DTA to fund their blockchain-related research.

ZDNet reports that the DTA’s CEO Randall Brugeaud told attendees at the CeBIT Australia conference in Sydney that DTA plans to deliver a working prototype by mid-2019, focusing first on the welfare payment delivery system, then on the digital service standard.

Brugeaud also said that the blockchain technology could help welfare users streamline their online experiences, and technologies like automated service channels like intelligent chatbots, or voice-enabled channels could deliver services that are close to the human experience resulting in saving time and rendering a better experience.

The DTA plans to launch the pilot of its GovPass digital identity program by October 2018. Brugeaud explained that digital identity would open doors for more digital transformation and joined-up services.

GovPass will allow individuals to prove their identity once through an identity verification service. This will protect the privacy of users as service providers will not see any of the users’ identity information when accessing any government services. Furthermore, this identity can be used to obtain different other government services like filing tax returns, grants management, business registration, student services, and some Centrelink services.

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