ZeroState ICO: A Review

ZeroState wants to bring about an effective solution for managing customer loyalty by means of emotional involvement. They will be dealing with tokenized feelings that represent knowledge about emotional ties and connections that are the vital aspects of any relationship. They have already devised a technical solution that will help to bring users and advertisers so that they both get benefitted. Customers can put advertisements and receive impressions, clicks and user reviews for a bonus. All these reviews will, however, be recorded on a blockchain. 
People who hold token will be able to use them to make payments to users or to launch an advertising campaign in the ZeroState app. The tokens that are paid for any advertising campaign using the ZeroState App are transferred to the cryptocurrency wallets of the users who participate in the campaign. The user will have the option of exchanging them in a stock exchange, storing them in a cryptocurrency wallet or selling them to other users for any other cryptocurrencies. 
The ZeroState app is available for download and can be used in any country of the world. This platform is based on a mobile application where users will be able to review a product in one word, and these reviews contain feelings and emotions or evaluations. 
ZeroState concerns itself with emotional intelligence. They are the feelings that are present inside us long before our brain can understand any situation, apply social filters and decide whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. An application is used by ZeroState to collect such feelings, and the users are motivated by money to share their feelings as they come to know about a new product. This platform is the link between the manufacturer and the user. 
Token Distribution:
A maximum of 100,000,000 ZSC tokens will be issued. 
The ZSCoin tokens will be disseminated on the stock exchange where they can be easily exchanged for other tokens. ZeroState will then start developing their own blockchain infrastructure and will then re-issue ZSCoin tokens. These coins can be used in the ZeroState app to launch an advertising campaign and also to make payments to users. The token distribution will be made as follows:
65% will be allocated for token sales, 20% will be assigned to the reserve fund, and 10% will be kept aside for the main team. Furthermore, 3% will be held for the bounty program and 2% for the business advisors. 
Fund Usage:
The ZSC tokens will be sold to provide for funds for the development and scaling of ZeroState’s business model. ZSC aims to provide clear and favourable terms to every holder of its token. To this end, they require funds to hire highly skilled professionals and also employ technologies to cater to a wide customer base. All these need funds. 
ZeroState is operational in Belize.
The soft cap of this project is 4,000,000 USD while the hard cap is 20,000,000 USD. 
The team
CEO, Co-Founder: Alexey Aslezov
CTO: Evgeniy Sosnin
CVO, Co-Founder: Pavel Petrov
For further details on the team, please visit:
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Backed by a strong team and based on a unique idea, this project surely has a lot of potential. However, one of the challenges that this project might face is marketing the product. Without proper marketing, this project may just fall flat on its face. 
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