Wemark ICO: A Review

Wemark is a developing marketplace based on the blockchain technology that will allow people to directly sell digital information like photos, videos, music, games, graphics, and other things. Owners will be able to benefit by selling their goods to the customer directly and can save up to 75% in fees when compared to existing stock photography agencies. 

Users are ensured of security and transparency as there is no intermediary involved. This is because of the blockchain technology that ensures peer-to-peer transactions between creators and users. 

Wemark is a growing community of leading independent photographers who license their photos directly to the customers without engaging any middle person or agency. 

Wemark consists of a group of talented and enthusiastic creators, marketers, engineers and designers who are adamant about transforming the way creators of art distribute their content and how they get paid for it.  

Wemark boasts of the backing of well-known global investors and some well-recognized names in stock photography, online marketplaces and blockchain technology. 

Wemark will be creating a dedicated token to realise its dream of a digital economy for digital content. Wemark Tokens (WMK) will act as a native payment system for the network. Parties creating, distributing and promoting digital content will be rewarded with WMK. 

The Token distribution

There will be a total supply of 135,000,000 tokens. Out of those, 38% of the tokens will be reserved for sale, 37.5% of the tokens will be kept for community rewards and economy scaling and 12% for advisors and partnerships. Furthermore, 11% will be allocated to the founding team and employees while the remaining 1.5% will be kept for the bounty program. 

Wemark is based in Israel.

The soft cap of this project is $1,5000,000 while the hard cap is $ 8,000,000. 

The team:

CEO and Co-Founder: Tai Krish

CTO and Co-Founder: Pavel Elkind

VP Business Development and Co-founder: Roy Meirom

For further details on Wemark’s team, please visit https://icobench.com/ico/wemark

The whitepaper: https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper.pdf

Social media presence: 

Telegram: https://t.me/wemark

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WemarkOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_wemark

Wemark has an excellent team and has equally promising members in the advisory board. These advisers have a lot of experience amongst them and will expectedly lead the company to greater heights. In spite of these positives, invest in its ICO only after carefully examining the white paper. 

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