VRT ICO: Review

Virtual Reality is one of the few technologies that is capturing the imagination of the world. Virtual Reality equipment allows people to experience something that is entirely new. Although the virtual reality market has the potential to be a multi-billion dollar industry, what is holding the industry back is the lack of quality content for the VR equipment. VRT, on its part, wants to act as a decentralised VR marketplace by bringing in developers from different parts of the globe to both create and monetise content for VR equipment. 
The VRT platform will be based on the blockchain platform, and this will ensure transparency in the distribution of funds and also ensure that intellectual property rights are protected. Furthermore, access to platform SDK and API will ensure that a large number of developers can partake in improving the system. 
The VRT is actually an ecosystem based on blockchain that is suitable for developers, players as well as for business. With this platform, a person can gain access to exclusive technologies, take part in unique entertainment and gaming projects, monetize their ideas, and they will also have the option of owning VR parks across the globe by means of the VR World Project. 
The turnkey solution provided by the platform will not only save time and money but will also enable people to gain access to state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. Furthermore, it will also enable a person to test own games in off-line parks in different countries. VRT’s platform will provide the opportunity to monetize different projects without actually leaving the system.
The platform intends to use blockchain to fulfill the following functions:
1) Verification of Intellectual property ownership
2) Automatic distribution of profit
3) Involving the community
4) Developing a motivation system
5) Cybersport tournaments
6) Franchise management practice
The VRT World Tokens can be used as rewards, and they can be given to participants for completing specific tasks such as conflict resolution, content moderation and also for other functions. You can use the VRT World Tokens to make payments for all transactions made on the platform like the purchase, rent, and sell of VR content. These token will be issued during the crowdsale. 
The Token Distribution
VRT will be issuing 100,000,000 tokens. Out of these, 75% of the tokens will be sold in the token sale, 15% will be reserved for the founders and the team, 5% for project support fund, 3% for Reserve Bancor and 2% for bounty. 
The Budget
The company plans to use the collected funds in the following way:
30% of the funds will be used for setting up and promoting the VR park, 25% for improvement of technology and SDK, 18% for developing the content of the VR park, 15% for marketing the product and 12% for producing the VR park franchise. 
The location of VRT is in Russia. 
$ 1704641 has been raised at the time of token sale. 
The hard cap of VRT ICO is 16000000 USD. 
The team
CEO: Konstantin Negachev
CTO: Dmitry Livshin
COO: Sevil Baer
For more information about the team of VRT World, please visit this link:
The Whitepaper:
Social media presence:
Conclusion: VRT World has a very nice concept, and they have a very talented team working on the project. Virtual reality has a bright future and VRT should advantage of the present vacuum in the industry. 
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