UHIVE plans to create a new, never-done-before and easy-to-use social network that aims to integrate the world’s first physical dimension and Hybrid blockchain technologies. Users are ensured of a unique, enjoyable and secure experience as the UHIVE platform is an advanced network which is controlled by A.I and which supports virtual reality.
It aims to transform social networking by providing more freedom to the users.
UHIVE claims that it is the world’s first Mobile-based social network with physical dimensions. It is an innovative social network platform with physical dimension and cutting-edge hybrid technology that will cater to the needs of the social network users. UHIVE will combine Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology and will also use human touch to offer a unique, enjoyable and secure experience.
It is a platform that is built to support Virtual Reality for VR enthusiasts.
UHIVE will allow users to experience the social platforms by using their senses as it incorporates physical dimensions. Users will be able to travel by themselves and reach infinite spaces and can also visually identify what is worth exploring.
The physical dimensions that are used will allow user spaces to have their physical location in UHIVE. Based on the engagement level of the user, the time he/she spends on the app and other factors, a person’s userspace will become more attractive to other users. This will help in usher in a new marketing strategy. For example, if someone’s space is near a famous space that attracts many visitors, it is highly likely that the visitors visiting that famous space will end up seeing the user’s space too. This will surely elevate the value of the user’s space location.
Furthermore, UHIVE offers two different experiences to users: Civilized World and Grey World.
The Civilized World is a cultivated network and is regulated by rules and laws. The identities of the people in this domain are real, and it allows users to connect with friends and family and also to meet new people.
The Grey World is undoubtedly a unique concept that allows users to create their own spaces anonymously and the arena is mostly uncontrolled. This sphere is isolated and is secured with a decentralized structure.
The Grey World is designed to bring freedom and to preserve the privacy of the users. However, it takes care to maintain a balance between the rights of the people to keep their activities and data private and making sure that users do not abuse the system or indulge in illegal activities. However, the Hybrid blockchain technology will ensure that the identity, data, and activities of the users are secured.
The HIVE token is the fulcrum around which this platform revolves. It will manage all the digital trade and will also reward users on the basis of their levels of engagement. The increase in the value of the HIVE token is dependent on the growth of the user base of the social network as the token is subsidized with the help of an organic advertising revenue stream.
The main features of this platform are:
Artificial Intelligence
Hybrid Blockchain Technology
Innovative new UI and user experience technology
New Grey world technologies
New Social Network Virtual reality concept
Self-sustained digital economy
Token Distribution
There will be a total of 80 million UHIVE tokens. The distribution will be made as follows:
  • 49.5% for global exchanges release
  • 25% of ICO Token Sale and Bonuses
  • 20% for use in the internal social ecosystem
  • 3% of the team and advisors
  • 2.5% of the bounty programs
Usage of funds:
The funds raised will be used as follows:
  • 47% for research and development
  • 22% for Marketing and PR
  • 11% for meeting the operational costs
  • 9% for network expansion
  • 3% for legal
  • 8% for reserves
UHIVE is operational in the United Kingdom.
The soft cap of this project is 10,000,000 USD while the hard cap is 54,000,000 USD.
The team:
The CEO: Muayyad Shehadeh
Marketing and Sales Director: Hazem Bustami
Business development: Mark Peacock
For further details on the team, please visit https://ico.uhive.io/.
To view the whitepaper, please visit:
Social media presence:
UHIVE aims to transform the way people use social media entirely. They have a robust and able team behind this project. Their vision is also quite unique, and it has the potential to let users socialize in a way that suits them. Read the whitepaper to understand more about the project.
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