TrueGame ICO: Review

The TrueGame ICO is backed by a fully working iGaming project that has received much positive feedback from the blockchain community. TrueGame claims that it is a truly unique iGaming product and that its users are already playing more than a dozen different games like scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries, and others. With help and advice from specialists in the gambling industry, TrueGame launched the product. It plans to scale-out and expand its market by conducting the ICO. 
TrueGame was launched in 2017 as a wholly functional smart-contract based iGaming platform.
According to the company, they are the only ones with a working blockchain-based gambling platform that offers a wide range of games with a unique scalable architecture and with high potential for growth. 
The main features of this platform are:
1) They already have a fully functional platform. With positive feedback from professionals and focus groups, they have improved the product, attracted more users and have also prepared an efficient market strategy to attract more users to the platform.
2) Their platform is based on the blockchain technology. They feel that the iGaming as blockchain technology is capable of solving many issues and, therefore, change the landscape of the gaming industry.  
3) They boast of a strong team comprised of professionals competent in games development, leads generation and online marketing. 
Users are playing games based on smart contracts on the TrueGame platform. They are also planning to launch unique games like smart roulette, dice, slot games and others soon. True Game ensures absolute transparency, fair chances for each player and equitable distribution of winnings. 
One of the most important achievements of TrueGame is solving the problems associated with the online gambling business. They addressed the issue of a player’s confidence in the casino by using innovative technology of blocking and smart contracts. 
The TGAME utility token is the central part of the architecture and economy of TrueGame. Users can use the token to place bets, play games and also deposit the gaming balance. The TGAME token also ensures absolute transparency. 
Token Distribution:
70 % of the tokens will be sold off in the crowdsale, 15% will be reserved for the team, 1% will be kept as bounty, 4% will be held for the advisory board while 10% will be saved as reserves. 
The usage of funds: TrueGame intends to use 45% of the funds that it will raise for attracting more players and 33% of the funds as a jackpot. Furthermore, 12% of the funds will be kept for development while 10% of the funds have been allocated for legal purposes. 
TrueGame is located n Costa Rica.
The soft cap of the project is 2300 ETH while the hard cap is 10300 ETH. 
The team:
CEO: Dmitry Danilov
CMO: Dmitry Shchuvatov
Head of affiliate marketing: Denis Snitserev
For other details on the team, visit the page:
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Experts have commented that this truly is a project with lots of potential. Although there are lots of competitors in the space and that licensing may also be an issue, this project does have the wherewithals to make it big. 
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