TripBit ICO: Review

TripBit wants to emerge as a significant player in the $ 7.6 trillion-dollar travel industry by utilizing the blockchain technology. What they are building is a multipurpose online bookings platform that allows users to make bookings for hotels, events, activities, and flights by using both cryptocurrencies and fiat. It saves you the trouble of going through different websites and searching for the best deals. 
Furthermore, they are also creating a decentralized and secondary peer-to-peer marketplace that will allow for selling and buying tickets that would otherwise be non-refundable. This platform is suitable for both consumers and businesses, and it provides for the mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies. TripBit further aims to become the globally accepted cryptocurrency for the travel industry.  
TripBit wants to integrate the three core businesses associated with tourism – Flights, Hotels, and Events under one umbrella based on the blockchain technology. This will, according to TripBit, prove to be extremely beneficial for its customers. This ‘All-in-One’ platform will provide the cheapest rates to the customers. TripBit also wants to expand its services by including the tour, airport pick-up, delivery, car-rental services and others. 
TripBit will allow its customers to buy or sell their tickets by means of a Decentralized Application (DAPP) and the Ethereum blockchain will power it. This will be a peer-to-peer marketplace that will help the decentralized transaction of tickets related to travel.  
TripBit will be launching the TripBit token(TBT) as a new cryptocurrency to get this platform started. However, as not everybody owns cryptocurrencies, TripBit has kept the option open for fiat currency to be used on their platform as well. This will also enable them to reach a wider audience and raise more revenue. TripBit has also announced that all major currencies will be supported on the platform including TripBit Tokens (TBT), Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and fiat currencies like USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, and others. 
The total number of tokens that will be made available are: 700,000,000
The number of tokens that will be made available for the pre-sale and Public ICO is 490,000,000. 
The pre-sale reward is 35%. The token type is ERC-20.
Fund Usage:
Tripbit has announced that 40% of the funds will be stored as the TripBit bankroll to be used for acquiring and maintaining new talent, producing new products and also empower the workforce. Furthermore, 30% of the funds will be used by the platform to fund capital expenditures that will be required for business expansion and platform development. 15% of the funds will be used for promoting and marketing the platform while 15% of the funds will be kept aside for use during an emergency period. 
TripBit is located in Australia.
The Hard cap of the project is 40000000 USD while the soft cap is 4000000 USD. 
The pre-ICO is being held from 21/03/2018 to 24/04/2018. 
The team
CEO and Founder: George Rozos
Founder and Technical Head: James Rozos
DevOps Coordinator: Juan Susilo
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The whitepaper: To view TripBit’s whitepaper, visit this page:
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TripBit plans to disrupt the multi-billion dollar travel and tourism industry. They want to use their token to make it easier for their customers to take care of their travelling requirements. All aspects of a trip will be taken care of by their platform. However, the team does not have much experience, and we would have to wait and watch whether they will be able to reach their goal or not. 
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