Talenthon ICO: A Review

The tenuous process of hiring may get simpler with the recruitment platform that is being built by Talenthon. This UK based organization is creating a global recruitment platform that will deliver thoroughly vetted and carefully assessed candidates for employers by using the blockchain technology and gamification techniques. 
It aims to completely transform the $450 billion recruitment industry by using the blockchain technology. 
They intend to make the recruitment process easy for employers by coming up with a unique recruitment ecosystem that will be designed to assess and verify the credentials of the candidates carefully. Another vital advantage that this platform will provide to recruiters is that it will negate any false references and will thus validate CVs. 
The platform that Talenthon aims to create will allow employers to login directly into an easy to handle portal and select the best person for the job. Talenthon will make recruiters’ life easy by matching the skills mentioned on the resume of the job applicant with what they have accomplished in real life. 
Talenthon has said that over 90% of the resumes that are sent in for a job have false information. So they want to solve this problem by coming up with a side of an online portal that will access the skills of the candidate. It is like a primary scoring system that will be applicable for all types of jobs. The score that a candidate will get will be calculated on the basis of weight and skills and also with the reviews from people who validate them. Talenthon hopes that this system will catch the attention of people and thus will he,p to augment the value of their token, the Talent Coin.   
The people who can use this platform are employers looking for employees. Furthermore, companies looking for vetted candidates and recruitment agencies who want to get referrals to them will also be eligible to use this platform. 
The Talent Coin or Tcoin has been created on the basis of the Ethereum platform. 
Token Distribution
The token distribution will be as follows:
60% will be reserved for CV or referees, 15% for the investors, 15% for the team, 5% for the partners and 5% for escrow. 
There are a total of 600,000,000 tokens that are up for sale.
The hard cap of the project is 300,000,000 Tcoin while the soft cap is 3,000,000 USD.  In pre-ICO, the cost of 1 Tcoin is 0.50 USD while in ICO, 1 Tcoin will cost 1 USD. 
Talenthon is based in the United Kingdom. 
The team
CEO and Founder: Aman Sood
CTO and Co-Founder: Atin Kapoor
Blockchain Architect: Jitendra Kumar
For further details on the team, please visit this page: https://icobench.com/ico/talenthon.
Social media presence: 
What Talenthon wants to do may revolutionize the candidate hiring process and save both money and time for the recruiters. However, it remains to be seen whether Talenthon can execute what it is promising. Read the whitepaper properly before investing in its ICO. 
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