SKYFchain ICO: Review

SKYFchain aims to transform the logistics business. Goods produced in one part of the world needs to reach consumers located in the other part of the world. For this purpose, we use commercial vehicles which are manned by humans. Every business which has to transport its products from its manufacturing center to the product base has to shell out a lot of money on the personnel involved in the transportation process. 
SKYFchain claims to have found a solution. It claims to be the first B2R or Business-to-Robots blockchain-based operating system. It has a private blockchain system that will provide independent and secure data-exchange and payment channels to facilitate robot-centric logistics. ERC20 compatible protocol will be used for the SKYFT tokens, and they will be used to build payment channels for exchange transactions. 
What sets SKYFchain apart is that it will be designed to exclude the human factor in the logistics business. Furthermore, it will have access to confirmed clients of the first industrial heavy-duty cargo drone known as the SKYF drone. This drone is already functional. 
What SKYFchain aims to do is to integrate critical information for all market participants and form smart-contracts for transactions. It initially wants to develop the new industry of airborne cargo drones and wants to use ground-borne and sea-borne cargo robots for new opportunities later. 
SKYFchain will be issuing a fixed number of SKYFT tokens, and this will be used to conduct any transaction within the SKYFchain. A user, interested to avail the services, will have to request a transaction in SKYFchain by securely paying in fiat money by means of his smart contract. SKYFchain will then get SKYF tokens from a crypto exchange to complete the requested transaction. 
The token distribution
SKYFchain will issue a fixed amount of 1200,000,000 tokens. The allocation will be done as follows:
44% of the tokens will be kept for the crowd sale, 15% for Network Development Fund, 10% for Community Development Fund, 9.5% of the tokens will be held as a reserve, 1.5% as bounty fund and 20% for the team. 
The fund usage
The funds raised by SKYFchain will be used as follows:
45% of the funds will be used for Research and Development, 25% will be used for developing the platform and for marketing, 24% will be used for operations, business and corporate development while the 6% will be used for legal and administrative purposes. 
SKYFTchain is located in Estonia.
The soft cap for SKYFTchain’s ICO is 5000000 USD.
The hard cap for the ICO is 30000000 USD. 
The team:
CEO: Alexander Timofeev
CMO: Maxim Khabur
GR: Ilya Rodin
Lead IT Developer: Nickolay Kovshov
If you want more information regarding SKYFchain’s team, please visit the website:
Whitepaper: The link for this project’s whitepaper:
Social media presence:
This project has mainly garnered a lot of positive feedback. The project, the platform, the team and the idea have all been praised and acknowledged. You can invest in its ICO if you want to be part of something that is truly unique and has a lot of potential. 
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