MoneyToken ICO: A Review

MoneyToken is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem that is coming up with a wide range of solutions for the crypto industry. Roger Ver, the founder of and an adviser at MoneyToken, has said,
“MoneyToken is a bright example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a massive boost for crypto market liquidity for all market players, and especially for businesses.” 
What MoneyToken wants to do is solve the problem of crypto traders having to spend crypto assets and missing out on the future growth in asset value. It is a fact in the cryptocurrency market that holders of virtual assets need to hold on to these assets to benefit later when the virtual currencies gain in value. 
The MoneyToken platform will allow a person to borrow liquid funds instantly on the basis of the current value of the cryptocurrency asset holdings. What a person needs to do is take out a loan that will be backed by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum or others. What the person will receive in return is a loan amount that has been agreed before in fiat currency. 
The best part is that the person will receive the digital assets back after he/she repays the loan. MoneyToken will also not take into account any increase (if any) in the value of the digital asset/s that may have happened over time. 
This will enable a person to avail liquid funds when required and also retain his/her crypto assets at the same time. 
Token Distribution
There will be a total of 20.044 billion tokens that will be emitted. 36.42% of the tokens will be sold in the Token Sale, 6.49% of the tokens will be sold in the PreSale while 2.10% of the tokens will be sold in private sale. Furthermore, 40% of the funds will be kept for the reserve fund, 10% for the team, 2% for the team, 2% for reserve for partnerships and 1% for bounty.  
MoneyToken is operational in the United Kingdom.
The soft cap of this project is 3,000,000 USD while the hard cap is 35,000,000 USD. 
The team
COO: Alex Fisun
CTO, Co-Founder: Alex Rass
CEO, Co-Founder: Jerome MacGillivray
For more details on the team, visit
The whitepaper: 
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