GigTricks ICO: Review

GigTricks is a company founded by Amir Shaikh, Omair Latif and Sadiq Hameed with a vision to revolutionize the way things are running in the freelance and on-demand economy. They want to offer a solution that will align the unconventional workforce in a way to leverage the entire global economy. GigTricks intends to use the blockchain technology to augment the security of this industry and also to bring about transparency among the members of the community. 
According to GigTricks, the freelance and on-demand economy do not offer the ambience for building relationships of trust between the freelancers and clients. GigTricks aims to create a 360-degree ecosystem to remedy this problem for the on-demand and freelance economy. This platform also wants to help talented young people to find work by staying at home only. This will be beneficial for the entire global economy as well.
Some of the freelance on-demand blockchain features for GigTricks are:
1) Better security – They will be using the Hyperledger technology that will enable participants to securely store and share data within the nodes of the blockchain. There will be a control mechanism that will allow other users of the platform to access data or protect data from others by using specific protocols.
2) Transparency – The hyperledger technology will ensure that there is transparency in the system. The public is not allowed access to personal data, but others in the ecosystem will be able to access certain data based on some protocol. 
3) The transactions will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. The hyperledger fabric will be used to ensure that there are no transaction fees. 
GigTricks Pro will be a global platform that will allow professionals to showcase their professional profiles that are verified under the GigTricks blockchain. The GigTricks Learning platform will ensure that both entrepreneurs and freelancers get the necessary skills to augment their business and professional profiles. The GigTricks Social will enable members of the GigTricks community to socialize for a purpose. The GigTricks PoS will help sellers to increase their sales while recording all transaction data under the blockchain. 
Token Allocation
The minimum investment that one can make on this platform is 100 USD. GigTricks plans to distribute about 35% of the tokens in its ICO. The name of the token is GBTC. The total supply of tokens will be 1 billion. 
Furthermore, 15% of the tokens will be allocated to the team and advisors, 20% for the ecosystem incentive, 20% for the treasury and 5% each for marketing and bounty and the liquidity fund. 
Use of Proceeds
34% of the funds raised will be used for marketing, 28% for the operational expense, 25% for platform development, 8% for research and development and 5% for business acquisitions. 
GigTricks is located in Gibraltar.
The hard cap for this ICO is 50,000,000 USD while the soft cap is 5,000,000 USD. 
The Team
Founder and CEO: Amir Shaikh
Co-founder and COO: Omair Latif
Co-founder and Chief Blockchain Officer: Sadiq Hameed
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