Gemini, the digital asset exchange to use Nasdaq’s technology

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Prices of cryptocurrencies fluctuate regularly and, sometimes, in a surprising manner. Crypto trading platforms and exchanges around the world have been under scrutiny lately. This is mainly because hackers and other miscreants have hacked several crypto exchanges and made off with the deposits of unsuspecting victims. Furthermore, many dubious schemes have been floated by cheats to raise money from people.
To prevent these from happening, crypto exchanges are trying to augment their security apparatuses. 
It was announced by the Gemini Trust Company, owned by the virtual currency entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss that it would be increasing oversight of its cryptocurrency trading with the help of the market surveillance technology from Nasdaq Inc. This technology would help the platform to detect fraudulent trades and manipulation. 
Nasdaq’s technology
Nasdaq’s surveillance technology is called SMARTS Market Surveillance, and it would allow Gemini to monitor all its trading pairs including bitcoin/USD, ether/USD, and Bitcoin/ether. This fact has been divulged by Gemini in a statement. 
This technology can also be used to monitor the activity across the auction process of Gemini to determine the settlement price for the bitcoin/ XBT futures contracts that are traded on the Cboe Futures Exchange. 
It was only in last week that the Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, had asked for information from 13 cryptocurrency trading platforms including Gemini Trust. He wanted information about their operations like fee structures and safety measures. 
This is in line with the policy adopted by governments across the world of determining how to deal with virtual currencies.
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