Ceek is an award-winning developer of software and hardware for Omni-channel distribution of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. It helps to create, curate and distribute VR content for its renowned partners on the CEEK Virtual Reality Platform and the other patented headsets. 
It has been evaluated there is an excellent demand for concert tickets in the United States. And more often than not, the demand to watch artists perform live exceeds the capacities of the hosting areas. It is to address this problem and to ensure that fans do not miss out on the performances of their favorite artists, CEEK has partnered with VR developers to make virtual reality stages. CEEK has created a virtual reality program that will provide a decentralized platform for fans to witness celebrities perform. This will extend the reach of such events globally and will also allow artists to sell unlimited virtual tokens and digital merchandise. 
CEEK will also artists to issue unique custom minted coins as event tickets by using a unique tool called the Celebrity Coin Mint. This will enable the celebrities to find new areas of revenue. CEEK has partnered with some of the major celebrities and also with some of the most significant tech companies in the world. 
CEEK has launched a new Smart VR Token called CEEK, and this will allow token holders to participate in virtual reality experiences. Token holders also get access to a tokenized rewards exchange inside CEEK enabled, virtual reality venues across the globe. 
The virtual environments of CEEK will be based on the Ethereum Smart Contracts, and it will enable token holders to participate in voting, contests, interactions, and other things by using CEEK, the ERC20 compliant token. 
The token holders will be able to participate in the virtual reality space for celebrity concerts, charity fundraisers, sporting events, VR commerce, classroom learning and much more. 
Token Distribution
The total number of CEEK tokens will be limited to 1,000,000,000. 50% of the tokens will be sold during private, pre and public sales while 20% of the tokens will go to the company, early investors, and advisors. Furthermore, 20% of the tokens will be kept aside to augment the development community while 10% will be locked away for three years so that it can be used as future reserves. 
CEEK is operational in the United States of America.
The hard cap for the ICO is 50,000,000 USD while the soft cap is 10,000,000 USD.
The team
CEO: Mary Spio
Interim CTO and Chief Technical Advisor: Jason King
Blockchain engineer: Chris J Kramer
For more details on the team, please visit this website: https://www.ceek.io/.
Social media presence:
CEEK seeks to revolutionize the music industry and transform the relationship between celebrities and fans. The project is also supported by professionals who have experience in the world of virtual reality. You may invest in this project if you are a fan of concerts and celebrity performances. However, read the white paper before taking any decision. 
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