Casper API ICO: A Review

The development of digital technologies has caused data storehouses to adopt virtual reality. Data storage is one of the most critical parameters by which we can gauge the progress of human civilization. Most tech companies are increasingly turning to cloud storage, and they are utilizing blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications or DApps.

The Casper API is a distributed data storage platform based on blockchain that allows any DApp to set up decentralized cloud storage of service data by means of smart contract. Casper claims that any DApp on any blockchain platform with a smart-contract can use Casper’s API to store data and CDN. 

Casper is a protected and reliable utility for DApp based on Ethereum platform. It will make sure that a DApp will store data – text, databases, video, photo, audio and other things. User requests are executed automatically as the platform runs on a smart contract. Its DNSv is protected as it does not have any weak spot like any centralized server. 

Casper itself does not build cloud storage but will help a DApp on any blockchain platform with their data storage and also hasten the development of blockchain project industry.

Casper API will enable data to be stored in the cloud and provide private, flexible and reliable options for access control. It eliminates the middle agents between users and the locations where data is stored. The users can only access this information. The vendor who provides the storage will neither be able to view or edit the data. 

Casper will be using a proven peer-to-peer protocol to ensure that file transfer rates are higher. The principles used by decentralized applications will also ensure that storage costs get reduced with respect to DApp and thus, end users will have to bear lesser costs. All this will improve and accelerate the spread of decentralized applications. 

Token distribution:

A total of 440M of Casper Token or CST will be made available. 2.9% of the tokens will be kept for pre-ICO, 54.2 % of the tokens will be allocated to the ICO (pre-sale) while 4.5% of the tokens will be allocated for the ICO(crowd sale). The further allocation will be as follows: 8.1% for system fund, 10.8% for bonuses of significant investors, 15% for the team, 1.6% for the advisors, 2% for bounty while 0.9% will be kept for the referral program.  

The soft cap of Casper’s ICO is 6,700,000 USD while the hard cap is 31,800,000 USD. 

Casper is operating from Russia.

The team:

Founder: Artem Koltsov

CTO: Stanislav Kapulkin

Blockchain and Crypto Advisor: Ian Scarffe

For further details on the team, please visit

The whitepaper:

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Casper is embarking on a substantial project. Their whitepaper efficiently contrasts their work with that of competitors, and they also do not claim to be the pioneer of anything.  A solid team backs this project, and the project itself may be useful to invest in. 

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